Bob Perry is the inspiration and motivation behind Bella Fiaba. It is his dream, dedication, and hard work, along with a committed team that brings this Italian Garden & Village to life. As a savvy businessman, Bob knew as soon as he stepped on this mountain site in Whittier, North Carolina that the feeling in his heart was real and he had to build a unique venue right here, right now. He found the perfect location to make dreams come true, not only for wedding couples but for businesses looking for a hideaway for executive retreats. His passion for Bella Fiaba is unmatched and his dedication to being a world-class venue, the first of many, is always at the top of his mind.  

Many people know Bob as DJ Bobby or Fun Bobby, as he has served thousands during his award-winning, DJ career of more than 30 years. Those of you that do know Bob, know he does what he says and then some. Come see his dream. Come to Bella Fiaba!

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