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 Chief Productivity Officer


Ton Benay is The Chief Productivity Officer of Perry Venue Holdings, LLC, The company that owns Bella Fiaba. She Is currently finishing up her  first of two PhD's in the Spring of 2023.  She is a certified Clinical Trauma Professional and has training in brain Neuroscience. She also has her Leadership and Management Certificate from The Wharton School of Business. She is a highly educated academic that moves well within the practical scope of her responsibilities

She has over 25 years of extensive experience in observing and guiding individuals as well as the corporate structure of organizations surrounding complex and challenging issues that may hinder productivity. She is a uniquely designed corporate officer  charged with the task of exacting the most productivity and potential for our executives. She is a problem solver in offering ideas to strengthen unity and team cohesion. She is actively involved in the Human resources area with job descriptions, hiring, and interviewing. 


 In the decades of her academic pursuits, Ton Benay became a certified Wedding and Event Planner and has coordinated all types of events in over 20 countries. She is an exceptional executive and widely respected around the world for her integrity and focus. 

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