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Chief Financial Officer


Gail Anne  is the Chief Financial Officer for Perry Venue Holdings LLC, owner of Bella Fiaba. She brings a multiplicity of career expertise to the venue, from the corporate workplace to her sole proprietorship successes and a myriad of ventures in the arts field. Corporately, she managed high advertisement and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, executing campaigns for Energizer, Gatorade, among other high-profile brands. Gail started and operated multiple entrepreneurial businesses including event planning for both wedding and corporate industries. Putting her artistic talents to work, she expanded into horticultural enterprise as a master gardener, enjoyed regular projects as a writer and director in dinner theater production, coached vocal and instrumental students for over 25 years, and currently enjoys emerging success as a painter in several mediums. As a well-traveled overachiever, she brings a renaissance style to our Bella Fiaba.

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